Monday, July 8, 2013

Flags Recap for the Week - July 8, 2013 (Two weeks worth, drama addendum)

Disclaimer: "The videos mentioned in this vlog are in no way endorsed nor promoted by me or this channel unless specifically stated cmotherwise. All videos are mentioned for the sole purpose of promoting free speech and reducing censorship through flagging. Generally speaking this channel advocates response videos and discussion as a responsible substitute for flagging videos that offend you. Poor ideas are best combated with intellectual discourse and not malicious censorship. It is the contention of this series that knowing and understanding flagging behavior throughout the total YouTube community is an important aspect of promoting flagging to only those videos that truly warrant flagging in order to stop a pandemic of false flagging censorship and point out flaws in the YouTube flagging system. Please be a responsible viewer and avoid malicious censorship through flagging. This series reports any and all flags regardless of personal bias in a clinical fashion and attempts to be nonjudgmental where appropriate. Unless expressly stated by me, I in no way agree or disagree with the legitimacy of individual flags reported here.  As always thank you in advance for your understanding and support."
Great Debate Community
User accuses AgentOfDoubt of being the reason she lost 2 channels, makes a good case of it
BibleThumpingWingnut [FLAG OF THE WEEK]
Muskoka Man, not forgotten anymore
Vogter's fb had some unintelligible foreign musical group with a video full of boobs
Dusty Smith on fb (CultOfDusty)
" So someone reported my post about my Florida mailing adventure and Facebook blocked my account for 12 hours and took it down."
CrazyCorkyProduction admitted to me he stole a video and got flagged for it, blames Happycabbie
he then MADE a video about HappyCabbie, and that got flagged too

DrMillardRouch lost 6 videos due to flagging. Here is the list:

Brett Keane cleans up the internets... for real this time.

Let's hope this is TRUE

Brett Keane Gives Permission to Mirror All of His Videos

Brett Keane Blood Money

Fuck Off Balloon Tugger... Again (Mirror)

(Mirror) BK and his army of socks

Here is a video explaining the flags with screenshots

Kizzume reported his flag
Bruce Shepard was flagged and Losoyo tells people to knock it off
Tony Bunchanumbers was flagged
DisposableGorilla was flagged, he moved to TheInventorGorilla
TheBrainEnema [ENERGY]
Gluteus flagged twice, Mimica flagged too
Glute vs CehBeach
HappyCabbie's "How to appeal a flagging"
RobLesterBlogs talks about DMCA woes

ProWrestling Comunity:
EnterTheArena tribute channel closed after opening briefly
SeanzViewEnt versus WWE DMCA woes

Commentary Community
ChickenDoodleSauce report
NateTalksToYou has been flagged over and over and has 4 strikes on his account for uploading "porn" reactions and putting the word "porn" in the title of his videos, but is still standing
 HyruleStorm67 was false DMCA's for a video about TheFineBros

RadFeMRA community:
giancoli84 / ManWonan&Myth

Gaming Community:
RenoRebirth (DRAMA)
Rongaryen flagged by WWE

Racial Commentary Community:
PinHeadzBlackson got flagged for hate speech against Mr. Sotomayor

Tyra Abington lost 6 "dare" videos
Tr1-Bunch flagged for a "dare" video
Nukes War the anti-libertarian
ThreeFreeMonths was flagged by her own father

JRsFunspace flagged for a self pleasuring how-to video

Flag Watch:
JohnDoe Reprobate channel
Mirrors of HappyCabbie hypocrisy, specifically mirrors of a video about Nicki Blue's career
Anything around Brett Keane vs HappyCabbie
HappyCabbie's mirrors of BK material being used without permission

All the rest
Kustav Klaus
Marqui Adora

The drama addendum responds to two videos:

HappyCabbie sprawling for SOMETHING to kick dirt my way in a deflection technique most would call "piling on" with bullshit reasons why he shouldn't feel guilty for what he did rather than owning up to his evils because he's unable to accept his flaws like a man without clawing about for a cloud of anything he can throw together to polish the turd of his actions:

HappyCabbie's big defense that he couldn't say before: Although he possessed the motive, the plan, the hand that wrote the PM's, the deception, and the machiavelian false accusation that what he wrote were actually my words, HappyCabbie feels that he is somehow less guilty because he told Brett Keane what he was doing when he did it. Also, Hellen906, who he is presenting as a real person in this video, somehow gives him less of a guilty feeling because the PM's that were written by HappyCabbie were magically washed through that channel as a proxy.

A bunch of anti-censorship links:!/WeFlyTheFlagged

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