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Flags Recap for the Week - June 22, 2013

Disclaimer: "The videos mentioned in this vlog are in no way endorsed nor promoted by me or this channel unless specifically stated cmotherwise. All Videos are mentioned for the sole purpose of promoting free speech and reducing censorship through flagging. Generally speaking this channel advocates response videos and discussion as a responsible substitute for flagging videos that offend you. Poor ideas are best combated with intellectual discourse and not malicious censorship. It is the contention of this series that knowing and understanding flagging behavior throughout the total YouTube community is an important aspect of promoting flagging to only those videos that truly warrant flagging in order to stop a pandemic of false flagging censorship and point out flaws in the YouTube flagging system. Please be a responsible viewer and avoid malicious censorship through flagging. This series reports any and all flags regardless of personal bias in a clinical fashion and attempts to be nonjudgmental where appropriate. Unless expressly stated by me, I in no way agree or disagree with the legitimacy of individual flags reported here.  As always thank you in advance for your understanding and support."
Great Debate Community:
multiple videos about it on Bruce's channel
FelidaTheG33k flagged on a video called "Brett Keane in Lala Land"
and also for text comments:
GluteusInflammatus has been flagged on 2 videos about Ran Campbell
KaptainObvious81 claims to have been flagged by Brett Keane:
The Mimica

HappyCabbie concluded his flag week
My video showing his flag week list looked extremely similar to Hellen906's former reports to me: on June 18, 2013
 iMustDestroyAll's pic:
Three instances of Cabbie making the same point with the same vernacular as Hellen906:
Glute's take
Brett Keane's termination does not count as a flag
Commentary Community:
Gaming Community:
(Special report from an undivulged source)
YouTube user "steakershocks" was spamming popular youtubers videos "DJ Keemstar" who owns the channels "KillerKeemstar", "BadKidCast", "HALOAHOLES" and "TheDramaAlert".

He was posting comments on every video advertising his own channel, Keemstar got annoyed and posted about this on twitter and told his fans to dislike his videos, as a result his latest video got flagged for spam, scams and commercially deceptive content linked here:


Here's the link to both their twitters:
iJamox got DMCA'd  by Activision
Racial Commentary Community:
Fearless2005 had videos flagged down and reinstated:
RadfeMRA Community:
Barbarossa flagged for speaking against feminism
SaelPalani had a video about JohnTheOther  flagged down and reinstated :

Pro Wrestling Community:
robotman2k11Blogs believes he was flagged by  EnterthearenaUS


Th3HazySea got flagged for an ASMR video

Della Senpai (multiple spellings) flagged for graphic Yaio, no links provided

Killerthewolfdog flagged for video about Maladolescenza
Flag watch:
Any video preventing HappyCabbie from controlling the narrative about why he and BK split
Felida has taken offense to rampant doc dropping
DisposableGorilla's thumbnail on this video:
Gluteus Domine  AKA  theDutchDouche for his AWESOME parody of Ran Campbell's video:
Original -
Spoof -

All the rest:
Bret Lewis
John Doe
A bunch of anti-censorship links:!/WeFlyTheFlagged

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