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Flags Recap for the Week - July 31, 2013

Disclaimer: "The videos mentioned in this vlog are in no way endorsed nor promoted by me or this channel unless specifically stated cmotherwise. All videos are mentioned for the sole purpose of promoting free speech and reducing censorship through flagging. Generally speaking this channel advocates response videos and discussion as a responsible substitute for flagging videos that offend you. Poor ideas are best combated with intellectual discourse and not malicious censorship. It is the contention of this series that knowing and understanding flagging behavior throughout the total YouTube community is an important aspect of promoting flagging to only those videos that truly warrant flagging in order to stop a pandemic of false flagging censorship and point out flaws in the YouTube flagging system. Please be a responsible viewer and avoid malicious censorship through flagging. This series reports any and all flags regardless of personal bias in a clinical fashion and attempts to be nonjudgmental where appropriate. Unless expressly stated by me, I in no way agree or disagree with the legitimacy of individual flags reported here.  As always thank you in advance for your understanding and support."

Great Debate Community:
Snakepliskinist  [FLAG OF THE WEEK]
Pat Condell was flagged
SciFake DMCA'd by Sally Morgan (Thank you Rob Lester) [GOOD CONTENT]

BrianJ1962 had content issues that later were resolved after much headache
TheNewAtheists was flagged down

 religionphilosophy " Proof William Lane Craig is Being Censored"
TheInventorGorilla reports to me this screenshot of DeityFree Dee giving reasons why she flagged somone that offended her sensibilities
The video she flagged: [DRAMA]

Ran Campbell has ragequit YouTubicided after alluding to having his channel flagged in a goodbye letter to Glute
AndroidThePoet report:
Michael, Androidthepoet here. A friend of mine, Lisa Marie, just had her YT channel AND her FB flagged down by a bunch of Bill Hicks is Alex Jones bullies. Lisa used to be a follower of Brian Marshall (you know, Brian Is Yahweh?) but she had the good sense to extricate herself from the cult and has since become a vocal and prolific opponent. Some of these conspiracy nuts are also aligned with Brian and have been on a mission to remove her channel. Sadly, they have succeeded. Do you think you could mention her in your weekly round up of false flags? Thanks in advance. Android.
AgentOfDoubt flagged and deleted on Craigslist for a "rants and raves" post
So I just found this "rants and raves" section in Craigslist after I posted a few items from my new store. Starting a new business can be daunting and stressful, and one thing that definitely does NOT help is when I get more calls from people who want my money than people actually interested in buying something from my business. Today alone I got phone calls from 2 security monitoring companies, 4 station marketing reps, a "Google marketing rep" SEO fraudster, and a guy wanting to sell me key chains.
The call that sent me over the edge today was from, the online version of the yellow pages. I had recently gotten calls from them which prompted me to go online and do a free simple listing with them. They had a sales rep call me up today and she told me that my free listing was only searchable to people in my own zip code and that if I wanted exposure to the searches of the entire city I needed to pay her 72 dollars a month. So basically is a scam where they write it into their programming to extort 72 dollars a month from new businesses or else they limit their exposure. Swell.
What really burns me is that I shouldn't be this burned out from salesman calling for another few months, but I've already had a few months of calls from them because before we opened the doors to the public or advertized ANYWHERE, these salesmen had my new phone number during the construction phase of my store. How did they get it? The phone company sells new business listings to them in bulk! Before I even had a store sign I had people calling me telling me that I needed to buy their engraved pens and knives for more exposure. I am sick and tired of sales pitches, especially the pushy ones. A little corner of my heart turns a little more black with each call. I don't even see them as human anymore. Once I figure out that it's another company that wants my money, I rudely hit the off button on the phone. The pushy ones will take advantage of any courtesy you have to keep you on the line talking, wasting my time while I could be doing improvements in my store. I would literally lose an hour out of every work day if I waited for a good hole in their spiel to say goodbye. They hone their salesman skills to keep you on the line until you buy, and they have retorts for every courteous way you want to hang up. They have twisted me into that guy who hangs up mid-sentence on them.
Commentary Community
Video with 160 million views got false flagged LMFAO!
Recently this channel:
Which uploads videos of things like vocal cords and inside ears had a video with almost 170 million views falsely flagged for spam.

Even though it got a lot of views because inside ears and throats can be mistaken for vaginas and shit lmfao!

Here's the screenshot:

and here's the video:

Even videos with millions of views can be affected by false flags!

Also from ChickenDoodleSauce -
Nate Terminated
NateTalksToYou just got terminated after 5 strikes:

Pro Wrestling Community
SeanzviewENT mirror
Gaming Community:
AgentReid007 says he was flagged for nudity in a vid where there was none

Anonymous source:
If you can keep this confidential read on. If not, please delete. The next time *ahem* someone says there is no such thing as a false flag on youtube, you might care to show them this link:'s interesting for the following quote: ..." but the site's bosses confessed to having made a "wrong call" and decided to reinstate the video with an adults-only rating." EVEN YOUTUBE HAVE ADMITTED THE SYSTEM IS FLAWED!The only reason the vid was reinstated is that it was a David Bowie song.. unfortunately most of us don't have the clout of David Bowie.Hope this helps. Zepa Macinnee Macinnee threatens his flaggers with a toy gun
Flag Watch:
AphetorousBull submits this to flag watch
All the rest:

A bunch of anti-censorship links:!/WeFlyTheFlagged

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