Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Flags Recap for the Week - August 7, 2013

Disclaimer: "The videos mentioned in this vlog are in no way endorsed nor promoted by me or this channel unless specifically stated otherwise. All videos are mentioned for the sole purpose of promoting free speech and reducing censorship through flagging. Generally speaking this channel advocates response videos and discussion as a responsible substitute for flagging videos that offend you. Poor ideas are best combated with intellectual discourse and not malicious censorship. It is the contention of this series that knowing and understanding flagging behavior throughout the total YouTube community is an important aspect of promoting flagging to only those videos that truly warrant flagging in order to stop a pandemic of false flagging censorship and point out flaws in the YouTube flagging system. Please be a responsible viewer and avoid malicious censorship through flagging. This series reports any and all flags regardless of personal bias in a clinical fashion and attempts to be nonjudgmental where appropriate. Unless expressly stated by me, I in no way agree or disagree with the legitimacy of individual flags reported here.  As always thank you in advance for your understanding and support."

Great Debate Community:
HappyCabbie [FLAG OF THE WEEK]
RobLesterBlogs terminated by DMCA
From ChickenDoodleSauce
Brett Keane age restricted:

Video titled "LIFEINACAMP/LIFEINATENT Tantrums" where it shows the call of LIAT threatening to slit Bretts throat was flagged for bullying, i'm not sure why but it did say for bullying when i first got flagged, don't know why it says unavailable now:
From Microtardz
Yo, flags recap.
Just an FYI, the video "Why atheists are Wrong and Ignorant" that TAA covered with the flying space gnome was flagged down.

Quite a lolzy troll video frankly.
BibleThumpingWingNut vs TheAtheistChallenger

Commentary Community
From ChickenDoodleSauce
Also NateTalksToYou was reinstated a day after he got terminated randomly by youtube themselves

Gaming community:
Chickenshitprod1 for gaming headshots to police officers, 5 vids down
ChickenshitTV terminated
DARKASSASSIN363 thinks PhatGamer flagged him [DRAMA]


BlazingMosquito says Mikey says he did it


Lizzy Boo - feet videos

Angel OfOblivion mad that he can't have his 1 man 1 jar video on the tubes
Della Senpai has lost 6 channels since February
Tatoott1009Reloaded is like the YokeUp of the conspiracy theory community
LiberatedGalaxy vs Alex Jones censorship
All the Rest:

 A bunch of anti-censorship links:!/WeFlyTheFlagged

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