Friday, May 31, 2013

Flags Recap for the Week - May 30, 2013

Drama arose from the last recap
Deleted comments about Sherri226
Weekly Flags Recap
[FLAG OF THE WEEK] George4Title gets 2 flags, quits YouTube in emotional way

Great Debate Community:
GluteusInvictus Terminated
Gluteus Illuminatus

CORRECTION: the channel terminated was GluteusINVICTUS, not "inflammatus".

My Apologies. I'm sick with severe sunburn. I think it went all the way down to my brain. There are many channels that Glute has lost, and they all have similar names.
SabellaSummers lost her DulcebellumInexper channel
Denzel Whittington is counting down the days until his strike expires
Evan Cahill flagged for some movie reviews
HappyCabbie flagged a horrible video and had a discussion with me

Racial Commentary Community:
Tommy Robinson (English Defense League) speaks about Woolwich terrorist attack
Pro Wrestling Community
TheBradRules got a 2 week suspension and is on TheBradRants

Commentary Community:
Monty Woograin

Sophie0469 got flagged  for  provocative banana eating

xxxxLetsRidexxxxx was flagged as a scam for a video with a 528hz note
Tyra Abingdon flagged for a dare video

Flag Watch:
SabellaSummers vs DisposableGorilla is removed from flag watch
Kaptainobvious81 vs HappyCabbie and Brett Keane
Coughlan and friends vs ThunderF00t and friends
BloodyBucketSinister vs Undertakerfreak1127

Videos I disagree with but will share with you to stimulate thought:

All the rest

The Hellon906 report
Lots of channels were terminated in the past two days
This one only had one video up
This one was promoting download cracks and keygens
What is the harm in piracy?
this one was promoting piracy

These were spam channels unless otherwise noted.
More channels flagged
These channels were flagged too

A bunch of anti-censorship links:!/WeFlyTheFlagged

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