Friday, May 24, 2013

Flags Recap for the Week - May 24, 2013

Great Debate Community:
SnowWalkerPrime Terminated
Kaptainobvious81 thinks BK flagged his vid (RANT)
LoMightyWind - HellboundWizard - Thickshades
UmarLeee flagged for converting to Christianity from Islam

Commentary Community:
Raggy Ragsdale doesn't understand why people get flagged as spam in comments
Jamesonapc1080p thinks IndispensablePeaTrol flagged him
Madison Skull was flagged

Pro Wrestling:
Vertoxify #319 Kingsize
MrWrestleMania702 vs Kamen8009

Mario Larsson flaged for a video criticizing PewDiePie

Kristy Silvia flagged for a softcore porn intro scene
Haliqhamal flagged for showing how to make a pipe out of an apple
tordemp2012 flagged for underage sexy vids

SailorMoonTube11 flagged again

Flag watch:
Disposablegorilla vs SabellaSummers
Anon ymus and his trouser snake

All the rest:
Ana Kaff
Stephen Larson
Warden Of Peace

Hellen906's report:
-Here are some more channels flagged aka Tom Cruz
-Some of these accounts were years old and had lots of videos. All were taken down. That one is still up but the videos have been flagged down. Some of them had thousands of views. channel still up but videos removed channel still up but videos removed aka Андрей Лагуткин aka Paul Karenin aka Oner Mohte aka ghazi masri aka boris naumov videos removed but channel remains channel still up but videos removed
-Although Youtube TOS prohibits children younger than 13 from using this website, the rule is hardly enforced. The following channels were dedicated to the enthusiasm of the younger demographics. Some reposted videos, while others simply curated playlists such as children performing ballet, gymnastics, or other types of play. Some merely left comments on videos. 

-All of these channels were taken down by YouTube this week. channel still up but videos removed aka Candid King
First on the list is aka John Braud aka Markus Nyam This one didn't even have any videos he leaves on kids videos
- Lots of people were taken down this week.
-The following channels were taken down for hate speech
-Where is this freedom of speech. Even though the views expressed were not popular why does YouTube have to censor?

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