Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Weekly Flags Recap 9/14/16

Regular Contributors:

Music by Long John Sliver:

Special contributors this week:


Special Memory: 5/12/13 Terminated: InventorGorilla and DeamonCohln 


Michea B beat a copyright claim this week

News: InventorGorilla passed away.

Gaming Community:

AXEL Reviews and Gaming

Clueless Gamers

Trentdoesgaming andstuff





Floryn Gaming

ClaraBabyLegs got a stream taken down



MrDalekJD got a stream taken down

Noahj456 got a stream taken down - FLAG OF THE WEEK

RedFusion got a DCMA from a Scarce imposter

Faze Bloo got hacked and 7 months of his videos were deleted

Great Debate Community:

ShockOfChrist's "Quantum False Flagging And The Mandela Effect of The Parallel Earth"

DracoSlayerReturnsYetAgain ("Jew Niggers")

Generation Xero Films

Grace Bride exposed Steve Cioccolanti for using copyright claims to silence Christian apologetics

TheAmazingAtheist has had demonetization problems

RadFeMRA Community: 

Racial Community:

TheTaylorJShow got 2 channels flagged down on DailyMotion


Will’s World Entertainment beat a copyright strike from the UFC


Shane Dawson

Scott Simpson





Frederick Wust Jr


Matthew Davis the Movie Lover



Betsy Largay

Anthony Bowker






Music Rock Life

CoolishCrane8 YT (Spanish)

Kennis Russell (stolen song copyrighted)

Luke Michael got flagged for cosplay as the Joker

Joey The Dark Night Panther got flagged over an NFL argument

Miss Yanyi got demonetized for a skin care cream tutorial

Saul Brad flagged a guy who he considered a spammer

Matthew Santoro was hacked by OurMine

HowIsee SandyHook got DMCA'd by Lenny Pozner

Wrong Side of YouTube:

Mister Metokur's video covering DeviantArt

Ms. Elliesoul reacting to adult audio

Fishman Jishman respliced a Disney show into dirty stuff

Yagyu Styles 2 got flagged for Hentai BDSM

TheFartWizard was terminated, got a new channel

Mochi_butt was flagged for Yaoi

Evil Thomas TheCatwarrior (U T T P)

Paul Joseph Watson got flagged for Hillary fainting footage

Lulu Luvs Otome

Flag Watch!

Trich Vlogs eating gummy bears from her belly button

MLP and Hatsune Miku mashups:

Explaining why Jews reject Jesus:

Random Things Shoutout:

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