Monday, January 25, 2016

Flags recap info for 1/25/16

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I have given up hopes of getting a pic of Dick Coughlan's member to inspect.

Cybersecurity spying provisions passed through an omnibus bill in the US (basically CISA)

Great Debate Community
Goddess BLoved had 3 videos taken down under 1 strike and her facebook page was down for 24 hours. Feuding with Carmen Caboom.
God&Warrior flagged an unauthorized repost
(PwnageAllstars) AgentofDoubt was flagged, knew he would be, blah blah
Kevin Logan's video with paulchartley's comment:
Blue Chat 10:30MSTish
Vigilant Christian faked a hacked ColCasperUK account
Sentient Fart Cloud of Doom got a blocked video

RadFeMRA Community
The Austrailian Patriarchy

Gaming Community
Mystery Na
Vanquish Gamer
Kid Gamer
Faerie Breeze got banned from a My Little Pony game for sexual harassment
JJ2k got terminated
Late Night with Cry and Russ V2 got a strike removed

Racial commentary community
Bun B flagged on instagram


Elijah Reynolds

Igc Productions

Public Domain Full Movies

Ricegum was terminated

Be. Busta got a copyright claim

FTOtv got hacked

Palmzo got a copyright claim

Flag Watch
Aus: The Radfem community might light up again soon. I have evidence that the false rape accusation that where sent to me where sent by Pniiboi(John Horse, Johnny Garbage). Someone didn't logout out of their mininova account before uploading photos of my self and ex with the title "My name is My Real Name from Australia, and I raped my ex-gf."

Random Shoutout:
Mikenna MacLachlan

EagleEye1975 story playlist

1/20, 8:23pm
Michelle Knight
Michelle Knight
1/20, 8:23pm
Michelle Knight
> On Sat, 16 Jan 2016, *******@****** wrote:
> > Dear EFF,
> >
> > Something which is probably on your radar is misuse of the content
> > flagging system in YouTube to silence free speech.
> >
> > Once a flag is lodged, it forces the creator to give personal details
> > which will then be made available to the flag initiator. As a result,
> > people don't dispute these flags and let their channels go down, to
> > protect their anonymity, even though they're not guilty of what they are
> > being accused of.
> >
> > There is also no penalty to a false flagging account, therefore an
> > account can be used to falsely accuse channels of violations and if
> > proven wrong, there are no sanctions applied to the originating account.
> > I, personally, believe this is wrong as elsewhere in legal systems there
> > are repercussions for false accusation.
> >
> > The YouTube system is clearly not working for these, and other reasons,
> > and action needs to be taken, or one of the largest speech platforms in
> > the world, will suffer this limp for the rest of its electronic life.
> >
> > Yours sincerely,
> >
> > Miss Michelle Knight
Michelle Knight
1/20, 8:24pm
Michelle Knight
> Hi Michelle,
> Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! We agree that filing a counter-notice procedure should be a little easier. We have a guide that will better help you understand how appealing YouTube takedowns work:
> Best regards,
> Electronic Frontier Foundation
Michelle Knight
1/20, 8:24pm
Michelle Knight
Thanks, but my point wasn't really covered in there... that at the
moment, there are no penalties for people that file false DMCA's.
This is where people have no legitimate reason to file a DMCA and use
the system to force speech they don't like... off line.
There are no penalties for these, "false flaggers," some of who have
sock accounts for the purpose of filing enough DMCA claims, in order to
force someone's channel off-line.
One YouTuber, Agent Of Doubt, has a regular weekly round up of a portion
of the false flags that are happening and you may want to contact him
about the situation - -
his Weekly Flags Recap is an interesting summary of the major flags
going around some of the more actively false flagging communities.
Long story short - if someone files a false DMCA, then just as if they
falsely accused someone of a crime, they should face penalties
Michael Clifton
1/20, 9:00pm
Michael Clifton
Michelle Knight
1/24, 11:13pm
Michelle Knight
Michelle Knight
1/24, 11:13pm
Michelle Knight
Hi Michelle,
Sending false DMCA takedowns are a problem that we recognize and unfortunately all the fixes lie with the Congress. We wrote about a related topic recently:
The Copyright Office has invited people to send comments about the procedure and we will be submitting some ourselves while inviting others to join in. Keep a lookout on our website!
Best regards,
Electronic Frontier Foundation


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